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The Prodigy Program is the music lesson program of the Westwood Public Schools. It provides quality music instruction at convenient locations at extraordinarily reasonable cost to the Westwood educational community. Since its inception in 1991, the Prodigy Program has grown from 57 students to over 400 students in after school lessons today. The program provides beginning and continuing lessons for voice, piano, wind, brass, string and percussion instruments, as well as ensemble classes. Class lessons are offered for beginners starting as early as grade one and continue with private or semiprivate lessons through grade 7, and private lessons only for grades 8-12. All Prodigy Program lessons are available to adults as well. 


This program is fully sanctioned by the Westwood Public Schools and is perhaps one of the most effective instrumental music programs in any public school district in the state.  It is unique to Westwood and has become the community resource for its aspiring young musicians. 


Participation in this program develops the essential knowledge and skills that enable full participation in the various music ensembles scheduled during the school day. Learning music through the Prodigy Program establishes a foundation for a lifetime of music participation and enjoyment.


Lessons are taught by a staff of 20 professional musicians/teachers who strive to share their knowledge and love of music. Most lessons are held at the high school with others taught at the middle and elementary schools. The program supports the instrumental and choral programs within the Performing Arts Department that occur during the school day.


Brianna Creamer, Director of the Prodigy Program

Brianna Creamer

Prodigy Program Director

Mrs. Creamer is in charge of scheduling, teacher assignments, billing, and general Prodigy Program questions.

Dr. Heather Cote, Director of Performing Arts in Westwood

Heather Cote

K-12 Performing Arts Director

Dr. Cote is in charge of building/room assignments and the K-12 Performing Arts Program for the Town of Westwood.

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