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Prodigy String Faculty:

Andrew Bedrossian, Anne-Marie Chubet, Irina Naryshkova, Johann Soults, Alicia Winslow

Student and teacher playing the violin


Beginning Strings Classes

The Prodigy Program offers beginning strings lessons for students starting violin, viola or cello.

  • Designed for students in grades 3-5 and meet after school in a location to be determined.

  • First-year students participate tuition free. 

  • After the first year, students may opt into an Intermediate Second-Year Strings Class, private lessons, or semiprivate lessons.

    • These options are available on a tuition basis through the Prodigy Program. 

  • Information on Beginning String Lessons will be sent out to all 3rd grade parents in September. Families may also contact Alicia Winslow for more information on Beginning Strings classes.

  • All beginning string families must register on JackRabbit


Private Lessons

Private lessons provide the most effective instruction for learning. Music teachers can design instruction that meets the specific needs and interests of each student. Recommended for all students in grades 2-12.

  • Private string lessons are offered on violin, viola, cello and bass.

  • 30-minute private lessons provide the ideal format to meet the individual needs, interests and learning styles of students. Lessons focus on music reading, instrumental/vocal technique, tone and expression. To register your child, click here.

  • 45-minute private lessons provide more time to focus on each student's individual musical interests, needs, and learning style, and to explore a more advanced repertoire. Recommended for students who seek more rigorous musical advancement. To register your child, click here.

  • 60-minute private lessons provide the optimum time to focus on individual student learning styles, interests and needs. The one-hour interval permits the fullest development of music reading, technique, tone and musical expression, as well as time to explore an advanced repertoire. Recommended for motivated students interested in attaining their fullest musical potential. To register your child, click here.


Semiprivate Lessons

This format provides an economical alternative to private lessons with a class size of two (2) students.

Since they involve two students at a time, however, semiprivate lessons typically allow less attention to individual learning needs than a private lesson. 

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