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Tuition Rates

*Semi-private lessons are 30 minutes in length and available only for the first two years of Prodigy Program instruction in any instrument (typically for students grades 4-5). After the first two years of semi-private lessons, families are only able to opt into private lessons. Semi-private lessons are not available for drums/percussion, piano or voice. Please see the FAQ section for more information.


Annual Family Registration Fee​

  • $20,00 one-time fee

  • Charged once per family per year

Monthly Payment Plan Fee

  • $30.00 one-time fee

Bi-Annual Payment (Sept./Feb.) Fee

  • $20.00 one-time fee

  • Available only for private lessons, not for semi-private lessons

Late Registration

  • $50.00 one-time fee added to all registrations occurring after the start of lessons

Late Payments

  • All late payments will incur the following charges:

    • One Week Late: $30.00​

    • Two Weeks Late: Lessons Suspended

Payment Options

Families have two convenient payment options:

  • Normal payment schedule

    • ​Semi-private Lessons
      • ​100% in full before the first lesson
    • Private Lessons​
      • 100% in full before the first lessons - OR -

      • 50% before the first lesson, remaining 50% due by February 1st of the spring semester

        • This option incurs a one-time fee of $20​

  • Monthly Payment Schedule​

There is also an option for financial assistance

For further information on Payment Options and Policies see the Policies Tab of the Website

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